How much does it cost?

Our Fees

Our fees are determined by the country in which you are seeking agents and the number of agents you require.


1 Agent

750 € / Agent

750 €

2 Agents

600 € / Agent

1.200 €

3 Agents

500 € / Agent

1.500 €

More than 3 Agents

Upon request

● We will introduce you to a sales agent with the profile you request in our Brief.

● The agent will always meet the following criteria:

          o He will have access to the channels you want to target.
          o He will have received complete information about your company and your proposal for a commercial agency.
          o He will have confirmed his interest in your proposal.

● We will introduce a second agent at no additional cost if during the first month the candidate does not meet any of these criteria.

● Our selection fees are not recurring. We bill them at the beginning of the project only once, and there are no other charges of any kind at any other time.

● Campaigns conducted in multiple markets are considered independent. For example, hiring 3 agents in Germany and 3 in Spain is billed as two separate campaigns of 3 agents each, not as a single campaign of 6.

● On average, we introduce the first agent around the 5th week.