Sales Agent Selection

Since 2005 we have been assisting our clients in increasing their sales on a commission-basis through a comprehensive service for the selection of sales agents at both national and international levels.

We work exclusively with sales agents: we have an extensive knowledge of their profiles and we have gained considerable experience in selecting the best agents across diverse sectors.

Our resources include our own exclusive in-house database and filtering software and access to external databases. If there is a suitable agent for your needs, we will find him. We do not publish superfluous advertisements or make promises that we cannot keep.

We are experts in sales agents.

Procedure – How We Operate

We design and establish your new sales team in four phases:

We guide you to define the ideal profile of your sales agent and the terms of your collaboration based on what your competitors offer.

We filter our database to find any independent agents who can work in your industry.

We evaluate the top candidates and personally reach out to them to introduce your company, product or service, and your agency proposal.

We present you with the best candidates so you can freely make direct contact with them.

Our Guarantees

Cadexport guarantees the introduction of the number of sales agents you request. We aim to complete the selection process in approximately 7-8 weeks.

All the agents we introduce will align with the profile we jointly define previously with you, and they will consistently meet these criteria:

They will have access to the channels you wish to target.

They will have received comprehensive information about your company and your agency proposal.

They will have confirmed their interest in your proposal.

It’s that straightforward. What happens if an problem arises? You are protected: we will introduce a second agent at no additional cost if the candidate fails to meet any of these criteria during the first month.

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We will assist you in crafting a competitive agency offer so you can increase your sales on a commission-only basis without fixed costs.

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