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Find the answers to the questions that define our service

At Cadexport, we’ve been assisting companies in hiring commission-only, self-employed, multi-portfolio sales agents in Spain and Western Europe since 2005.

Combining experience and expertise in selecting these professionals, we want to make sure you have a clear and transparent understanding of how we operate and what results you can expect from hiring us.

These are the questions that best define our service:

01 – Why are the agents introduced by Cadexport good?

Because we guarantee the quality of the agents, who will fit the profile we have previously defined with you.

All agents will meet the following criteria:

● The agent will have an interest in your offer and will want to contact you directly to establish a collaboration agreement based on this proposal.

● The agent will be able to sell your products/services because they will have direct access to potential buyers.

All agents will promote your products/services when we introduce them to you because they will want to work with you and offer your products/services to their clients.

02 – What type of service does Cadexport offer exactly?

The service Cadexport provides involves selecting and introducing sales agents. It’s not a recruitment service because the relationship with sales agents is commercial, they are not salaried employees of your company.

Our role is to connect you with sales agents who match the profile you’ve requested, ensuring their interest and sales capability of your products/services.

Cadexport introduces you to the most suitable profiles, but we do not mediate in how your company manages your relationship with the agent, your conversations to reach an agency agreement or in the negotiation of the agency contract to be signed later.

03 – How does Cadexport validate sales agents?
We follow 4 steps:

1. We define the project and agent profile with you.

2. We filter our database.

3. We contact individual agents and offer them your agency.

4. We introduce the validated candidates to your company.

04 – What steps do I need to take as a company? What are the phases that Cadexport's clients go through?

● We first ask you to complete our Brief with the necessary information.

● We advise you on your project and explain you on how we can assist you.

● Finally, we introduce you to your agent by sending you their profile (CV) so that you can start independent conversations without our intervention.

05 – Does Cadexport provide guidance?
How does Cadexport assist companies throughout the selection process? From the outset, we assess your project and provide comprehensive guidance on various aspects:

● We advise you on whether commission-based sales agents are the most viable option for your company.

● We help you identify the type of agent profile your company needs.

● We inform you about the conditions (commission and other aspects) that will make your agency attractive.

● We answer any questions you may have about sales agents and how to deal with them.

06 – How many agents does Cadexport introduce for each region/country of interest? Can I choose from several for the same area/country?
Cadexport directly selects candidates and introduces as many as you need for each region or country. For example, if you request 3 agents in France, we will introduce you to 3 French candidates.

We have found that introducing more candidates than necessary for you to choose from reduces their suitability and increases the selection costs and duration.

The agents we introduce are those who best match the profile you’ve requested and have shown the quickest interest in your agency proposal.

07 – How does Cadexport charge for this service? Do you take a commission from agent sales? Are the fees one-time or recurring?
Our selection fees are neither recurring nor a percentage of the sales generated by the agents. We bill them only once at the start of the project, and there are no other charges at any other time.

Our fee takes into account two parameters:

  • The country in which the selection is made.
  • The number of sales agents to be introduceed.

Our fee structure is publicly available here.

08 – When does Cadexport charge its fees? Is it at the agent's introduction or when my company reaches an agreement with the agent?
Our fees are invoiced for the selection and introduction of the candidates, and they are billed at the start of the campaign.

We do not tie our fees to the potential collaboration agreement between the company and the agent because factors beyond our control come into play, such as their commercial terms for clients, delivery period, or the inherent quality of the product/service.

Cadexport guarantees the suitability of the candidate and his access to appropriate clients, and we then allow the agent and the company to subsequently negotiate the terms of their collaboration without our intervention.

09 – How long does Cadexport take to select agents? Is there a maximum timeframe?
It’s challenging to provide an exact answer because it depends on sectors, sales channels, the number of agents to be introduced, the country where the selection takes place, the level of competition in the target market, the time of year, etc.

Our goal is to complete a project within 6 to 8 weeks. Additionally, we do not wait to select all candidates before putting them in contact you.

We introduce them as soon as they are validated. On average, we typically introduce the first agent around the 5th week.

Regarding the maximum timeframe, we’ve set 10 weeks to validate the first agent, but we are committed to not extending a project unnecessarily if we realize it won’t be successful. In such a case, we will propose expanding or changing the geographical area. If you are not satisfied with the alternative, we will refund our fees fully.

10 – Where do the agents introduced by Cadexport come from?
The sales agents we introduce are active professional salespeople.

Since 2005, we have created our own exclusive database, which we keep updated through a dedicated section on our website where agents register. We actively recruit agents and rely on word-of-mouth among agents.

Additionally, we continually work to expand our database using various sources of information, such as third-party databases, social networks, and collaboration with professional organizations.

11 – How does Cadexport communicate with sales agents?
We communicate with agents on a one-on-one basis, talking to them regularly throughout the process to exchange as much information as possible. We do not use algorithms, mass mailings, or artificial intelligence. It’s a personalized, human-to-human approach, conducted in their language, in a hands-on manner.

12 – Why doesn't Cadexport advertise to attract sales agents?

Cadexport charges fees for introducing sales agents, not for searching for them. We do not publish adverts because we have found it to be an imprecise and inefficient method. We do not need to place ads to have candidates to interview, as we have our own database.

Cadexport customizes your sales agent search proactively and as discreetly as possible. We believe that neither your competition nor anyone in your industry needs to know that you are looking for sales agents. We only offer your agency proposal to agents in our database who already meet the profile you’ve requested.

13 – Does Cadexport keep companies informed about the status and progress of the agent selection throughout the process?

Certainly. We consider it a priority for our clients to know the progress of their project. We have a specific responsible person for this, who provides weekly updates on the selection process’s evolution.

If we need additional documentation or information, we will request it as the need arises.

While we do not provide quantitative or detailed information about the agents we contact, we will inform you of the selection process’s progress and keep you updated on any developments or potential issues that could slow down the validation.

14 – Can you provide references from companies in my sector? Do you have successful cases in my industry?
We cannot provide specific client references for several reasons:

● Commercial restrictions: many of our clients, regardless of how satisfied they are with us, prefer not to provide references. They do not want to receive calls from unfamiliar companies inquiring about their experience with us.

● Competitive limitations and privacy: the references that a company needs when asking us would be from projects involving agents in its own sector, essentially its competition. Some companies have no issue disclosing who their agents are, but most prefer to be as discreet as possible.

● Changes over time: a satisfied client after the agent introduction may not be as satisfied later on if their relationship with the agents deteriorates or ends. While our job is to select the agent, we understand that companies link their satisfaction with our services to the agent’s success in the market, even though this depends on many factors entirely unrelated to our work.

● Generic information about similar products and markets where we have worked.

● Profiles of candidate sales agents in our database to give you an idea of the type of professional we could introduce to you.

15 – What happens when you validate my agent? What do I need to do next?
As soon as an agent is validated, we generate their Profile (CV) and send it to you.

We ask companies to contact the agent right away since we have already notified him and he´ll be expecting your initial phone call or email. It is crucial to contact the agent as quickly as possible, as it reassures the agent and shows a positive image of your company.

We request that you contact the candidates within a maximum of 10 days so that, if any issues arise or if you have any doubts, you can inform us as soon as possible.

If for some reason, you cannot adequately contact the agent in the short term to schedule a call or video call to discuss the project in depth, make sure to inform the agent that you have received their profile and indicate them when you will be able resume contact properly.

16 – How much will the sales agent sell? What guarantee do I have that the agent will sell my products/services?

The agent will sell as much as they can and as fast as they can. The exact volume and speed of sales are unpredictable.

Your sales volume with the agent will depend on the quality of your product/service, your pricing, delivery times, payment terms, and other factors that define the competitiveness of your company. We ensure that agents can engage in sales activities and begin offering your products/services to potential buyers quickly once we introduce them to you.

Guaranteeing a specific sales level or timeframe is beyond our capacity.

17 – Is it difficult to select sales agents?

Selecting sales personnel is complex, and selecting sales agents is even more so because they are external, independent collaborators who already have work and set high standards for accepting new agency offers.

To achieve this Cadexport relies on its exclusive database of sales agents, created and updated since 2005, as well as an exhaustive and well-established filtering and contact procedure.

18 – Why might a sales agent reject working with my company?

The most common reasons include:

● Earning a living as a self-employed sales agent is increasingly challenging.

● The profession of a sales agent is not thriving, but the demand for their services is increasing because hiring and maintaining salaried salespeople is becoming more expensive.

● Agents are already working for your competition and have no intention of switching to another company.

● Agents do not wish to take on more products/services because they are happy with what their current range.

● Agents are unsure if the time and money investment required to start selling your product/service will be profitable.

● Certain sectors face additional challenges in finding agents:

o Emerging sectors with limited qualified professionals.
o Fast-evolving technology sectors.
o Sectors with lower commercial training requirements.
o Sectors with their own sales networks that fall outside of Cadexport’s activity, such as Real Estate, Finance/Insurance, or Logistics.

19 – What commission percentage should I pay the sales agent?

There are many factors that affect the answer to this question, including the type of product/service you offer, its price level, quality, sales channel, the country you are targeting, and more.

Cadexport will inform you of the commission range that will make your agency attractive when you complete our Brief.

20 – Should I pass on my existing clients to the agent?

No, you are not obligated to do so.

You can exclude in writing your current clients from the agent agreement at the start of your collaboration.

Later, after the agent has contributed their own clientele, you can reconsider handing over your clients under special conditions (since it you who made the client), allowing you to maintain and control your clients without preventing the agent from increasing your sales in that same area.

21 – Does Cadexport provide a trial period with the agent once introduced?
We establish a one-month trial period. The candidates are subject to our validity guarantees (see Question No. 1), and we replace them within that period if they do not meet our guarantees.

22 – Can I or should I set a trial period with the agent?
We believe that both your company and the agent we introduce should work normally from the beginning, giving their best effort without temporal limitations or restrictions to ensure a successful collaboration.

By default, the relationship between your company and the agent is established for an indefinite period, and you should not set a trial period because, when you start collaborating with an agent, you should assume that they will perform to the best of their ability. The agent is always on trial; if they do not generate sufficient sales, you will terminate their services, whether they are in an “official” trial period or not, now or later in the future.

Furthermore, no agent accepts sharing their clients “on trial.” If the agent agrees to share their clientele with you and start a collaboration with your company, your company should do the same.

Another essential factor to consider is that your company is also on trial from the agent’s perspective. If your company does not meet the agent’s expectations, the agent may terminate the collaboration automatically.

23 – What happens if something goes wrong with the agent?

We ask that you inform us in writing as soon as possible. We will immediately speak with the agent to have their view. We replace the agent as soon as we confirm that they did not meet our guarantees (see Question No. 1).

If we cannot find a replacement, we will refund the fees you have paid.

24 – Should I sign a commercial agency contract with the agents?

Yes, we recommend that you sign a commercial agency contract. However, when and how to negotiate it are important considerations.

25 – What happens if I don't reach an agreement with the sales agents and don't sign an agency contract with them?
Cadexport takes care exclusively of the agent selection. Once a candidate is validated your company manages independently and freely its relationship with the agent, determining how, when, and under what terms to sign a contract or begin your partnership.

We do not intervene in this negotiation and allow both parties to negotiate their interests as they see fit. We do not consider the breakdown of this negotiation as a reason for replacing an agent.

26 – Why is Cadexport the best choice for finding sales agents? What sets you apart from other companies?
Cadexport offers the following advantages for creating or expanding your team of sales agents:

● Specialization: we exclusively select self-employed, multi-portfolio, commission-only sales agents

● Experiencia: hemos seleccionado agentes comerciales desde 2005.

● Personalized service: we provide assistance and guidance throughout the whole selection process

● Procedure: we do not sell advertisements or conduct mass mailings. We do not search for agents; we commit to introducing to you the agents you need

● Transparency: all selected agents receive extensive information about your company and your conditions before we introduce them to you

● Professionalism: our multidisciplinary, multinational team is highly experienced. All phases and tasks in our procedure are well-defined and assigned to competent professionals

● Variety of destinations: Cadexport is the only provider you need to select agents in Spain and all of Western Europe.