We select commission-based sales agents in Spain and Europe ensuring their profiles suit the needs of companies like yours.

We specialize in assisting companies like yours selling on a commission-only basis since 2005. With our extensive database and years of experience across various sectors, we excel in this field.

We are different because we are experts in sales agents.

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Competitive Advantages


We exclusively select self-employed, commission-only, multi-portfolio sales agents.


We have been selecting sales agents since 2005.

Service Customization

We provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire selection process.


We do not sell ads or engage in mass mailings. We are committed to introducing you to the precise agent you require.


All selected agents receive comprehensive information about your company and your terms before we introduce them to you.


Our team comprises a diverse and well-established multinational and multidisciplinary workforce. All phases and tasks of our process are meticulously defined and assigned to capable individuals for rigorous execution.

Variety of Destinations

Cadexport is the sole provider you need to select agents in Spain and throughout Western Europe.